Meet our Pastor




Pastor Robin Fenner is a man who humbly knows that without Jesus – he is nothing, but with Jesus, he can do all things – including answering the call to say what God says – to be the messenger of light, hope, truth and love in a world looking for something more, something different than the hopeless, despairing and wavering message of the world. All for God’s glory. All to make Jesus known.

Believing that God’s Word is our reality, and living a life of abiding in and relying on constant communication and obedience as Holy Spirit leads, directs, corrects and encourages – he speaks plainly and transparently with the vision, passion, and desire to help others “Discover Jesus, Freedom, Purpose and Fulfilment.”

And of course – “Behind every good man…

is a good woman!”



In Pastor Robin’s life – it’s Janet Fenner– an amazing, beautiful, fun and talented woman of God who loves and supports her man – partnering in every facet of their ministry at Micklefield Elim Christian Fellowship. Janet leads Worship at our Sunday morning meeting. It isn’t uncommon to see Janet with the biggest, most genuine, welcoming smile in the world – greeting people on a Sunday morning – like they were her life-long friend.